DIARI TUNISINI (TUNISIAN TALES ),  Project in development.
Screenplay Ludovica Tortora de Falco
Production: Arapán Film Doc Production, 2021
a co-production ARAPAN (Italia) & KANTAOUI FILMS (Tunisia)
with the contribution of Fondo Sviluppo Italia (MIBACT)/Tunisia (CNCI), 2021

Tunisia celebrates the tenth year since its revolution (2011/2021), and Italy seems to have forgotten that it is a country of emigrants, particularly of emigrants in Tunisia. These two countries have never stopped forging ties that are visible depending on the era, but still very present.
This exchange, as it stands today, is narrated through the personal stories of four young people, who today, are between the ages of twenty-five and thirty-five and whose lives lie at the turn of the revolution of 2011 and their relationship with Italy. Their individual story is a consequence, albeit indirect and apparently distant, of the important presence of the Italian community in Tunisia today and of the past two centuries, before the french arrival. A story very little told.

This film is dedicated to Lina Ben Mhenni.

© Arapán Film Doc Productioninfo@arapan.it
Propaganda poster in Louis Cros, L’Algérie et la Tunisie pour tous, Paris, Albin Michel, 1921

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