UNA GIORNATA A RADIO TRE, in development.
Idea: Ludovica Tortora de Falco
Screenplay: Alberto Nicolino
Production: Arapán Film Doc Production, 2021

The film narrates the only Italian radio station dedicated entirely to culture from 1950 to the present day. And it tells us about contemporary Italy, and how it emerges from radio broadcasting. The story is told in a single day. It is a succession of choices, interpretations of current events, and comments on the Italy of today.

The history of Radio 3 is unique on the Italian broadcasting scene, and a radio experience that is still rare in Europe. And that is why it is so esteemed abroad. 

At Radio Tre, editorial choices are made in a policy of diversification, multidisciplinarity, and collaboration between editorial offices. And the listener can really vary: a significant effort is made to find a balance between the need to make the non-expert curious and that of sufficiently satisfying the expert.  

While it is true that we are witnessing a decline in the value of education, scientific research, or more generally of all forms of deepening and debate, we wonder what role the cultural radio instrument can play, and how can Radio 3 operate in this context, and not become a means of communication for an ever-growing minority?  

Some characters are followed more closely and share apprehensions about the future of Radio 3. They question this historical experience, the fate of their work, the actual value of the sound archives pending digitalization: more than 50 years of Italian history.

Dep. Siae 2019 – © Arapán Film Doc Production

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